Earth’s Final Moments

“FOR I AM GOD. And there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me. Declaring the end from the beginning. And from ancient times, things that are not yet done, Saying, “My counsel shall stand, And I will do all My pleasure.” Isaiah 46:9-10.

The following is an excerpt from Pastor John Hagee I felt important enough to put on here, from his new book, entitled, “Earth’s Final Moments” as well as a new movie he has out from his book, “Jerusalem Countdown.” In “Earth’s Final Moments,” he explores the inner section of biblical prophecy and current world events to provide us with an unparalleled glimpse into earth’s final moments.

He wrote: “As I have preached for many years according to biblical prophecy, earth is careening toward its final act on the stage of life. God is assembling the cast of characters that will catapult earth into its eternal moments, and final preparations are being made for the final scene – a scene so powerfully dramatic that nothing ever seen before could possibly compare with what God has in store for this final act. In this book, I will trace the significance of the Jewish nation as God’s chosen, and show that the restoration of the Jews to their own land was the opening scene for this final act. I will align prophecy with presently occurring signs of the end-times and show you Israel’s emerging final opponents. You will also read about the shock and awe4 of God’s judgment upon those who oppose Israel, and will come to fully see how our world is poised to enter the mother of all wars –Armageddon.

DRY BONES AWAIT THE MIRACLE BREATH OF NEW LIFE: Restoration will be revealed to the life of the dry, lifeless, scattered hones of Ezekiel 37. You will learn that the restoration of the Jews to their own land is the opening of the plot leading to earth’s climatic final act.

BIRTH PAINS OF THE NEW AGE: Jesus presented a portrait of the end of the age and the coming of the Messiah. He presents a series of signs, including international wars, famine, earthquakes and says: ‘All these are the beginning of birth pains.’ This demonstrates that the world and Israel are now having contractions (wars, rumors of wars, acts of terrorism, (bloodshed and violence around the globe) that will produce a new Messianic Era.”

Think about what is happening around the world and the mid-east. I mean these Occupier’s, so young, who are so illiterate, only want “freebies” and “handouts”. They think they have all the answers and those with ideological agenda’s that are Socialist and progressive, are backing them along with Unions. They have no clue to God’s plan and what is happening. We as CHRISTIANS however, even with this election, must force ourselves in our prayer closet, to view America, Israel, and the World, with all the Arab Spring, Iran, N. Korea..through Biblical eyes in the supernatural not the natural of even a Foxnews anchor. WE MUST see the bigger plan, for God says, “I AM GOD”. Iran is going to get us perhaps in another war, for it cannot be allowed to have nuclear. AND that will cost money. Can we stall what is going to happen? Can we pray hard enough with all the trillions we owe to do what God wants? Can we have discernment? I know Michelle Bachman and Rich Santorum, know what is happening in the supernatural. On the other hand, Mitt Romney is a Morman that does not even believe Jesus is God, and Ron Paul is a total isolationist who would play right into the devil’s hands in this. He does not get it, and some of his past rhetoric is racist even towards the Jews. We need a Godly principled man or woman in the White House in these end times. And understand this, Obama and Hillary also haven’t a clue.

Hagee wrote: “ENTER THE KING OF THE NORTH: It would be sure fanaticism to suggest that the Bible mentions the word ‘Russia’ in its text. Yet God, through Ezekiel, has made some very clear and specific revelations in the Bible concerning the rise of a great power to the north of Israel that will destroy the peace and stability of the world at the end of days.

RUSSIA’S SUPPORTING ACTORS: Here I will use biblical prophecy to explain the role of Iraq and Iran and other Middle East Arab nations that side with Russia.

AMERICA: TOO LATE; TOO LITTLE?” (Depending on who gets in the White House?) “Her you will discover the role that America will play in the future and see that the Bible predicts the Western World will simply remain passive and inactive, lacking the will and national courage to respond in support of Israel when Russia and her allies attack.” {Are we stupid enough to put someone in the White House that plays into the hands of Russia and Iran like Ron Paul?}

“SHOCK AND AWE –GOD’S REVENGE: Because God promises to bless those who bless Israel and to curse those who curse Israel, you will learn that judgment is coming – not only to the forces that invade Israel, but also upon ALL who support or allow the attack on Israel.” (And depending on who we elect as President of the US, will determine whether or not that includes judgment on America. THIS ELECTION IS SO IMPORTANT!)

“ARMAGEDDON –BATTLE FOR WORLD SUPREMACY. The final act begins, as the mother of all wars–the final battle on earth at Armageddon –sets in motion a fight for control of planet earth. Through an unexpected twist of plot, the end of the world as we know it arrives as King Jesus begins HIS rule and reign for a thousand years of peace.”

But will America be included? We are not mentioned per se’ in the Bible, but, many
as I do, believe that judgement has already begun. All the earthquakes around the world and America have escalated since the beginning of ancient civilization. There will be more and more disasters coming as never before around the world. The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. Those earthquakes too, in Maryland and mildly hitting the White House, was a warning from God Almighty. For God did not ordain a Palestinian nation. Understand this!! They were not there in 1948 when Theodore Herzl had a vision of a Jewish nation, nor in 1966, when it was birthed, nor in Biblical history. Hillary who calls herself a Christian, as Secretary of State, hasn’t a clue! Neither does Obama, who in his arrogance against the Jews, being Muslim, will never back. And if Ron Paul got in? It would be more of the same. The significance of the Jewish nation as God’s chosen, shows that the restoration of the Jews to their own land was the opening scene. Prophecy is aligned with occurring end-time signs, such as international wars, famines, and earthquakes. Israel’s emerging final opponent, and the nations that will partner in opposition are all now on the world scene. The world for the first time in history, is poised to enter the mother of all wars –Armageddon. “Judgment is mine”,thus saith the Lord.

So, everyone sick of wars? The trillions owed? This is only the beginning. Iraq, Afghanistan, going into Libya, Egypt now killing Christians, Syria’s army mowing down it’s own people. LOOK! SEE! Put what is happening into Biblical perspective. My end times teacher with tears in his eyes told us in class, “look at what is happening in the supernatural, not the natural. For the news media bombards us, does not side with Israel either, and for that matter neither do the liberal Jews in America, like Bloomburg, Chuck Schummer, the ACLU and many of the “green” base.  All you greenies, understand this, when this great last war hits? There will be NO MORE OCEANS. GOD IS GOING TO CREATE A NEW HEAVEN ON EARTH, and the dead in Christ shall rise first to meet Jesus our Messiah, and the Jews Messiah, in the clouds. THE WORLD STAGE IS SET .

“According to Biblical prophecy, Earth is careening toward its final act on the stage of life. God is assembling the cast of characters and making preparations for the final scene—a scene so powerfully dramatic that nothing could possibly compare. In Earth’s Final Moments, New York Times best-selling author Pastor John Hagee unveils how Biblical prophecy and current world events are intersecting to give us an unparalleled glimpse into our planet’s final days. Aligning prophecy with End Time signs, he describes Israel’s emerging opponent and reveals the shock and awe of God’s coming judgment against those who oppose His people. As the Jewish people return to their homeland and the situation in the Middle East continues to deteriorate, you can’t afford to miss what comes next.”

So how will you vote? Are you all asking the right questions? Are you seeing through the eyes of Jesus? God help us all make the right decisions, for we are in such important times right now. Even all that is happening with the EU. And out of those final countries the 10 horns will come the Anti-Christ. Wherefore I pray and beg to you to vote in the supernatural, covered with the Holy Spirit and God’s hands upon each and everyone of you that are Christian and read this. All we are thinking about is the economy. There is a bigger picture no one is seeing. Help us Lord.


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