Kissinger’s Response to Ukraine Crisis & God’s Prophesy

Henry-KissingerI listened with intent the other night, this very enlightening interview with now, 91 year old Henry Kissinger.  A remarkable man of such high genius intelligence.  I have also included here some background from Wikipedia, on Dr. Kissinger.  Christians, too, remember,  on our defense of Israel, this highly motivated man was also persuasive in his role with then President Richard Nixon, to aid and intercede with Israel in the Yom Kippur War.  Nixon, despite all his faults, Watergate, and mixed opinions, nevertheless, remembered his Quaker mother’s prayers for Israel, and along with Kissinger made historically one of the most important decisions ever made, especially now, when Israel is being pushed so hard to agree to a Palestinian State.   Whereby, I urge you all to listen intently to this man of extreme wisdom and to  also learn your history.  There is also a prophesy from Pastor Rick Joyner following from Missionaries on the ground in the Ukraine.  We are in the end times and all of this  is so important.

Past Secretary of State Henry Kissinger interview with Charlie Rose on the Ukraine.

Henry Kissinger from Wikipedia:

Kissinger was born Heinz Alfred Kissinger in FürthBavariaGermany, in 1923 during the Weimar Republic, to a family of German Jews.[5] His father, Louis Kissinger (1887–1982), was a schoolteacher. His mother, Paula (Stern) Kissinger (1901–1998), was a homemaker. Kissinger has a younger brother, Walter Kissinger. The surname Kissinger was adopted in 1817 by his great-great-grandfather Meyer Löb, after the Bavarian spa town of Bad Kissingen.[6] As a youth, Heinz enjoyed playing soccer, and even played for the youth side of his favorite club and one of the nation’s best clubs at the time, SpVgg Fürth.[7] In 1938, fleeing Nazi persecution, his family moved to London, England, before arriving in New York on September 5.

Kissinger spent his high school years in the Washington Heights section of upper Manhattan as part of the German Jewish immigrant community there. Although Kissinger assimilated quickly into American culture, he never lost his pronounced Frankish accent, due to childhood shyness that made him hesitant to speak.[8][9] Following his first year at George Washington High School, he began attending school at night and worked in a shaving brush factory during the day.[8]

Following high school, Kissinger enrolled in the City College of New York, studying accounting. He excelled academically as a part-time student, continuing to work while enrolled. His studies were interrupted in early 1943, when he was drafted into the U.S. Army.[10]

1973 Yom Kippur War[edit]

Documents show that Kissinger delayed telling President Richard Nixon about the start of the Yom Kippur War in 1973 to keep him from interfering. On October 6, 1973, the Israelis informed Kissinger about the attack at 6 am; Kissinger waited nearly 3 and a half hours before he informed Nixon.[39]

(It was through Kissinger too, that Nixon came to the aid of  Israel in the Yom Kippur War, remembering also his Quaker mother’s prayers.  For all the wrong and Watergate, we must give credit to both Nixon and Kissinger for aiding Israel.)

On October 31, 1973, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ismail Fahmi (left) meets withRichard Nixon (middle) and Henry Kissinger (right), about a week after the end of fighting in the Yom Kippur War.

According to Kissinger, in an interview in November 2013, he was notified at 6:30 a.m. (12:30 p.m. Israel time) that war was imminent, and his urgent calls to the Soviets and Egyptians were ineffective. He says Golda Meir’s decision not to preempt was wise and reasonable, balancing the risk of Israel looking like the aggressor and Israel’s actual ability to strike within such a brief span of time.[40]

The war began on October 6, 1973, when Egypt and Syria attacked Israel. Kissinger published lengthy telephone transcripts from this period in the 2002 book Crisis. On October 12, under Nixon’s direction, and against Kissinger’s initial advice,[41] while Kissinger was on his way to Moscow to discuss conditions for a cease-fire, Nixon sent a message to Brezhnev giving Kissinger full negotiating authority.[40]

Israel regained the territory it lost in the early fighting and gained new territories from Syria and Egypt, including land in Syria east of the previously captured Golan Heights, and additionally on the western bank of the Suez Canal, although they did lose some territory on the eastern side of the Suez Canal that had been in Israeli hands since the end of the Six Day War. Kissinger pressured the Israelis to cede some of the newly captured land back to its Arab neighbors, contributing to the first phases of Israeli-Egyptian non-aggression. The move saw a warming in U.S.–Egyptian relations, bitter since the 1950s, as the country moved away from its former independent stance and into a close partnership with the United States. The peace was finalized in 1978 when U.S. President Jimmy Carter mediated the Camp David Accords, during which Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula in exchange for an Egyptian peace agreement that included the recognition of the state of Israel.


MorningStar Prophetic Bulletin #84 – March 6, 2014

I would like to share with you a report from Kiev from Charles Chandler, Assistant Editor for Decision Magazine for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Hi Everyone,

          I thought I’d give a quick update before going to bed. We arrived in Kiev late afternoon here and literally “hit the ground running.”

          We walked down from our hotel to Maidan Square, where all the riots, demonstrations, and killings by government SWAT teams happened a couple of weeks ago. Peace and calm have been restored there now, since the former president has fled and a new acting president, a strong Christian, is in place.

But the scene leftover down there is almost beyond description. There are many barricades that were erected to keep the SWAT teams out. There are piles upon piles of flowers in multiple locations beneath pictures of innocent civilians who were killed. There are stacks and stacks of tires, which the protestors would burn to create a lot of smoke to prevent the SWAT snipers from being able to sight a target. And the sidewalks and streets are mostly mud because the protestors had to pull up the bricks a few weeks ago to use as their only available form of self-defense. Many people are still living near Maidan Square in tents, mostly young protesters.

          I went into one of the tents and interviewed three people ages 18-24, through an interpreter. One of them had been there two months. It was amazing. The things they have experienced are chilling. They talked about being very close when some of their compatriots were killed a couple of weeks ago. We got into some very deep spiritual discussions. I had the great honor of sharing the gospel with them. They seemed very open and asked quite a few questions, but weren’t ready yet to make a decision. One of them, an 18-year-old male, said that when the SWAT teams were firing at protestors a couple of weeks ago, the protective vests and helmets they wore didn’t really serve as armor if they were struck by a bullet. He said they felt no true protection or safety in their equipment and that the only real protection comes from God.

          I also met with one of the leading pastors in Kiev who has manned a prayer tent since all of this started. He is quite a guy.

          We are scheduled to meet with some church denominational leaders tomorrow and are still supposed to meet with the acting president before we leave Thursday. That meeting has been scheduled, but it’s safe to say he’s quite a busy man these days, so we’re not absolutely certain it’ll happen.

Understandably, the locals are really, really upset with Putin and believe that, in part, he is threatened by the freedom they have found since the former president, who they viewed as evil, left office and was replaced. They also know that this is a very tenuous time for their country. It’s certainly worth reiterating that things are fine here now and that Crimea, where the Russian troops have invaded, is a long ways from Kiev.

         For more information, here is an article from the BGEA website, posted today, about the visit here by Viktor Hamm, who is in charge of crusades for the association. I am here covering what is happening in the country and also documenting what Viktor is doing here. He and I are the only BGEA staffers who came. We have a driver, interpreter, and photographer who are locals who really love the Lord.

          Please know I have a great peace and excitement about being here. For reasons only God knows, I truly believe this is a divine appointment.

          That’s it for now! Thanks so much for your prayers.

Many blessings, Charles

Every day it seems that the Ukraine Crisis ratchets up to a new level. It is already being called the greatest crisis of the 21stcentury, and it likely is the most dangerous. Even if it is resolved without more conflict, it has set in motion events that will have major, worldwide implications.

Two of the biggest factors this crisis is illuminating are: the disrespect that most of the world now has for the United States and the European Union, and the apparent aligning of Russia and China. Many are now asking if this is the beginning of another Cold War, or worse.

The tragedy is that even with many of the national and cultural wounds still unhealed from the Cold War and World War II, after the collapse of the Iron Curtain, the United States and Russia should have become close friends and allies. We could have, and should have, helped Russia in a greater way through the transition she has struggled through to find her way in these times. The possibility of this friendship and alliance is not totally out of reach now, but it is slipping further away every passing day, and with it, the potential for much good for the whole world that could have resulted from it.

We will seek to address this in some depth later, but for now I want to focus on what is happening with Christians in the Ukraine.

The Light is There

Yesterday Randy Strombeck and I had a Skype meeting with six groups of believers in Russia and the Ukraine. With so many groups on one split screen like this, it is a challenge to not interrupt each other. Randy joked that we were having a Skype battle between Russia and Ukraine. All of the groups protested at once, saying “No! We love each other!” They knew Randy was joking, and they were not offended, but they were resolute that nothing would divide the believers in these two countries. It was both touching and encouraging.

I shared this with Charles Chandler who is in Ukraine on assignment from Decision Magazine of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. His response was, “The head of the Baptist Union said today he had received a call from his Russian counterparts, and they were one together as well.”

With the nations fracturing, which is expected as we enter these times foretold in Daniel 2, we can also expect the church to begin uniting. The devil may be able to stir up hatred, division, and conflict, but we will see the Lord raising up a standard against it—bringing healing, restoration, and unity.

Below are communications I edited from emails from Charles Chandler in Ukraine that have insights into the crisis, as well as encouragement:

         Thanks, Rick. Please see the linked photo of a father and son who were beaten and bloodied by Yanukovych’s Berkut riot police, but survived. The picture was widely circulated. In a true “God thing,” we just happened upon them today while making our last visit to Maidan Square and were able to interview them. As you can imagine, their story is gripping.

Quite a day yesterday, met with the head of the Pentecostal denomination here, Mykhailo Panochko. He talked about how God has moved so miraculously here. Over the years, about 80 percent of the missionaries in Russia were sent there from Ukraine. This is said to be the most evangelical nation in Europe, and there are many examples of God defending them in recent weeks. He shared that he believes God wants to show Himself great to all of Europe through what He is doing for His people here. Two hours after meeting with us, Panochko met with John Kerry along with a group of other religious leaders.

We also visited the former mansion/estate/compound of deposed former President Yanukovych, who stole from the people and ordered the killings of peaceful protesters at Maidan Square a couple of weeks ago. No one in Kiev even knew his compound existed until he fled the country on or around Feb. 21. The public is not allowed to go inside, but we were allowed to do so because of being journalists. Given the low economic standing of the nation, it was literally sickening to see the elaborate riches he had there, including a museum of cars, including old Soviet vehicles, plus a zoo, a golf course, gold everywhere in the mansion. Viktor Hamm, BGEA VP for Crusades, said it was like visiting Babylon, and it was.

We were guided through the house by a man who calls himself “Delta.” He is from Ukraine and formerly served in Israel’s army. He came back here to be a part of this cause against the evils in the Yanukovych regime. He marveled at how this once-great president who was in control of the people and tormenting the people, suddenly went on the run and was chased by the common folk, like him. Like a story right out of the Bible! Delta is an orthodox Jew, but said there is no doubt that God has done this miracle.

Also visited Maidan Square again and interviewed Christian counselors who told some powerful stories of ministering to the people here. Most gripping was a woman counselor, on the front lines of ministry here for weeks, who said these people here are in such pain, and are not in a place to want to hear the Gospel spoken because their trust in man has been so shattered. Instead, she said what they desperately need and want is to experience the love of Christ through real deeds and actions of those willing to help them and serve them. What a word for all of us!

I am so honored and humbled to be here at this moment in time. Thank you for your prayers as, together, we have the incredible privilege of serving great Jesus!



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