Racism in America

jesusholdingmanI believe as many, that this whole Zimmerman trial was very sad indeed.   The Martin boy being shot, was very unfortunate.  However,  now the left is dredging up all this hatred.  Obama,  Holder, Sharpton, and all the Black liberal left, hate us, that are White “crackers” …a derogatory term.  And I agree with Lt. Col. Allen West too, that it is reprehensible that the white liberals and media, bring up all the lynchings of slavery.

Allen West ” The usual suspect race baiters and progressive media using Trayvon tragedy for political gain”

Slavery is nothing new.  It went on in Abraham’s day as well, over  3,000 years ago.  It still goes on today in plenty of third world countries.  And add to that, not only the slave trade, but sex trade.  When mentioned in the Bible, it had nothing to do with White against Black…White’s then were slaves as well as Jew’s.  However,  it now has begun a life of it’s own in the US media with Holder after Trayvon’s death.

The Constitution provides that we have the right to bear arms.  We have the right to protect ourselves when attacked in our homes or businesses.  And another point.  Holder wants States to change the “right to stand down”, laws, but what about all the small stores, and Mom & Pop businesses that get robbed or owners killed year after year, and mostly I hesitate to say, by Black men, looking for drug money.   That means that these small business owners or managers, will not be able to keep a baseball bat under the cash register or a gun, if Holder has his way.  Why doesn’t he look into the REASONS that these laws exist on the books in these states in the first place?   How many were brutally killed by robbers.  How many bludgeoned to death out of rage?

You might also read this too, for I agree with it’s content.  For it is the Black Community that is so filled with hates now.


Quote American Thinker link above:

Using my hometown of Chicago again as a microcosm, the carnage has been ongoing for years. The Chicago Police Department’s Murder Analysis Report for 2011, the most current on file, shows that of the 433 murders that year, 75.3% of the victims were Black; the most frequent ages of the offenders were 17 and 18 years old; and that 70.5% of the offenders were Black. In 2012, there were 532 murders, 2670 shootings. Thus far in 2013, there have been 209 reported homicides as of July 4 and 1073 shootings as of June 23. This doesn’t include the 9 killed, 55 injured over the 4th of July holiday weekend.

Yet despite these statistics, the Black community continues its culture of denial, repeatedly fed this meme by its leaders, celebrities, sports figures, and most especially by its Leaders-in-Chief in the Oval Office and Department of Justice. The communal hypocrisy would be sport in itself were it not a major factor in the ongoing mindset and lives of the Black community. Beyoncé held a moment of silence for Trayvon at her recent concert. Yet, if she were to hold similar moments for all her racial brethren killed in Chicago in the last 2-1/2 years, she’d have to cancel three or four concerts. ”  So now Stevie Wonder too, refusing to give concerts in any of the 26 states with these “right to stand down” laws, including my state of NH.  Well, its out of your wallet and loss not ours!  He goes on:

“Black Americans hung up on fomenting racial unrest or buying into the victim mentality lack credibility too, because although they cry racism over the tragic loss of Trayvon Martin, who they call one of their ‘babies,’ they have shed few tears over the extermination of actual babies taking place for the last 40 years in abortion clinics all over America.

While focused on Trayvon Martin, socially liberal black Americans continue to ignore the genocide that kills thousands of black baby boys (and girls) every day, many of whom, if given the chance to live, much like Trayvon Martin might have grown up to look like the son Barack Obama never had.

Does it matter that blacks constitute only 13% of the population but account for 36% of all the abortions that take place every year? Where are the tears, protest signs, and New Black Panther demonstrations for the deaths of innocent children who didn’t break anyone’s nose or smash anyone’s skull against a sidewalk?

For perspective, 13% of the U.S. population contributed 22,000,000 of the 60,000,000 children aborted since 1973. Each and every day in the U.S., approximately 1,876 black children are aborted. And yet pro-life people are supposed to believe that the angst over Trayvon’s untimely end is based on the black community’s respect for the sanctity of life?”

From Black Genoside’s author, Rev. Childresh

>What does the Bible say, and Black preachers that preach the Bible and Gospel, and not a Social agenda?  Bishop T.D.Jakes tells his Black men in his church to WORK, be FATHERS, get off the drugs and be MEN!   As also, Creflo Dollar, Fred Price, and many many more that I watch on Trinity Broadcasting and Daystar Christian TV.  There is therefore a split in the Black community. Add to this, this wonderful interview of Dr. Ben Carsen, talking on our nation and this Progressive left movement always dredging up hates.


T.D. Jakes in Australia move of God…a TRUE  PREACHER WHO LOVES JESUS CHRIST….THIS IS A Blessing of God…LOVE not HATE and Racism…..WHOM do you choose?

TD Jakes with Rev. Jack Graham on race. Other inferences show that he also sided with Obama and has changed, ie comments on Trayvon Martin. But Zimmerman is half German Jew. Does that mean that the Black’s in America now are also Anti-Semitic? See? Hate never stops does it? He isn’t just a white man..but a German Jewish White man. When does it end?

Please also read this by Dr. Angela West.


There is only one way to Heaven…Jesus said, in John 3:3 “Unless a man be BORN AGAIN…he will not enter the Kingdom of God.” For him that hath an ear let him hear!  Revelations.  This is for you AG Holder, this is for YOU President Obama, this is for YOU Rev. Sharpton who knows NOT GOD’S WORD ONE IOTA!I have blogs here on hates…Muslim Brotherhood, and hates, now Black hates against White.  T. D. Jakes is my BROTHER in Jesus Christ.  We are equal!  He said, LEAVE THIS SITUATION, YE HATERS! Lord God, show those who are leaders in this nation now, that they are doing EVIL…and are leading the people (Black & Muslims) to hell.  Without the move of Jesus and the Holy Spirit we are filled with hates….  Move HOLY SPIRIT, on America and in this world, show who the real God Almighty is…Thank you Lord.


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