Soros, Progressives and Saving America – A Warning!

Waving_Flag_on_3D_Pole-160x120This blog was written in 2010, and I thought VERY appropriate to re-blog for this Memorial Day Weekend.  At the time, Glenn Beck was still on Foxnews.

I just finished taking two days of notes on Glenn Beck’s revelations of George Soros. Needless to say, it was eye opening. For it is clear, that Obama’s election was bought! You know I was born in 1939 and in my “history” days in high school and college, I was NEVER taught any of this. We need to know the tactics of the Progressives, and how they infiltrate with Soros’ money down even into Unions and especially organizations. Worth note, there is a vast difference between the Tea Party and it’s grass roots organization from Americans across the land that believe in our Founding Father’s, our Constitution and what America has stood for since our
Revolutionary War.

Now, comes George Soros, one of the richest, most powerful man in the World, and a warning for all of us, who love America. George Soros was born George Schwartz Gyorgy, a Hungarian Jew, August 12, 1930, who is responsible for the collapse of many countries….a Jew and an atheist. He was born to Tivadar Soros (Teodoro) in Hungary, who was a prisoner of war during and after WWI, and escaped from Russia to rejoin his family in Budapest. The family changed its’ name from Schwartz to Soros in 1936, in response to antisemitism with the rise of Fascism..(means “Will Soar”). Tivadar taught George to speak Esperanto from birth. Soros was 13 years old in March 1944, when Nazi Germany occupied Hungary. He worked then, for the Jewish Council. He survived the Battle of Budapest, when the Soviet and German forces fought house to house throughout.

He immigrated to England in 1947, as an impoverished student, attending London School of Economics, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy in 1952. In 1956, he moved to New York City and worked as an arbitrage trader with F M Meyer. He then went into dealing with investments. Later he set up hedge funds, Quantum Group of Funds, netting Soros 2.9 Billion dollars in 2007. He was known as “The man who broke the Bank of England” in 1977. (Black Wednesday).

Soros donated $23,581,000 to various 527 groups to defeat George W. Bush’s 2nd term. Then he formed other groups, ie. Democracy Alliance, Supporting Progressive causes (Communism and the New World Order.)He pumped money in Hungary, Czechoslovakia & Sakharov in the Soviet Union. He helped collapse countries, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Georgia (ie $ to Russia…remember Russia’s invasion? They still have kept the land the tanks were on…Soros funding!) The open Society initiative for Southern Africa is also a Soros organization…and his
left organizations, elected Obama…who shares his ideology. Now his goal is to collapse America, our democracy and our Constitution! And he WILL go after the Tea Party. It is worth noting, that the Democratic Party for the most part, is no
longer the party of Tip O’Neil, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey and the “good ole boys: that still loved America, it is now as with Maxine Waters, and Pelosi, filled with Progressives, who have a Socialist if not Communist ideology. It is time for
America to wake up! We have been warned….for if Soros succeeds, we will be collapsed too, as a nation, and we will be paying $12 for a loaf of bread in no time, with inflation rising, and riots in the streets of America like Greece and
England. And England? These students are organized, and probably with Soros funds with one of his umbrella organizations for chaos. They only pay $5,000 a year for tuition, poor dears, while American students are paying $25,000. Governments need to cut back…and when THAT hits America, watch out!!

Soros’s goal, while making money as a speculator, in our stock markets and the worlds, is now America! Read “The Shadow Party a book by Richard Poe, in which Soros, is instigating a coup on the US! He wants to control Conservatism. Remember, the Fairness Doctrine, mostly against news outlets like Foxnews, or Christian Broadcasting like Daystar, Inspirational, TBN, etc. He also back Michael Moore (another hypocrite and millionaire with his 5 mansions) and “Move On.Org”. And if you think Obama isn’t in his pocket, they WHY did Soros make at least 4 visits to the White House? And this writer will bet that Obama has a direct link to Soros on his Blackberry. (Oh if only the Secret Service could voice what they know.) He and Obama want the same goal, a decline of the American dollar, and America, to form a Global Society. (More on that later, for I believe the that to be the 10 horns in Revelations and out of those countries, in which some will drop out and others added, will come the Anti-Christ.) Of course, seems there are “little Anti-Christ ” workers like Obama and Soros, already. Soros money is behind the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington also from Hungary, and a media watch, another organization of his, Media Matters, against all of us who are Conservative. They are umbrella’s under it, a bunch of “puppet” organizations; and HE is the money behind them! (Acorn? SEIU?)He wants to control airwaves, talk radio, with the likes of National Public Radio who fired Juan Williams for giving an opinion they didn’t like on Foxnews. He wants to PROVOKE ELECTION CRISIS!! Remember the racist lies with the Tea Party, etc. It was all a set up! They want to stage all these demonstrations, but, not peaceful like the Tea Party. Chaos! When he was young, and still, he has admitted on video and to Charlie Rose, that he had Messianic fantasies as child. (A Jewish Hitler?)Also in his book, “Soros on Soros”. He wants to be the conscience of the world! Grandiose ideas to an extreme, as arrogant as Obama.

There are five steps to control (Soros) America. He wants to bring America financially on its’ knees, like he broke the Bank of England, while he made millions in it’s wake, and walks away. Our lives are games to him. So what is the first step they cause?

1. Subversive activities, which he admits are a “lot of fun”…ie Czechoslovakia, and rioting in the streets, till the people cry out to the Government for help, then it became a Communist country. Now, too, happening in America. So he forms a shadow government under humanitarian aid as a cover!
2. Control the media…Fairness Doctrine, which thank God, never passed.
3. Weaken the Government…Why doesn’t Obama flex any US power to Iran, No Korea? or China? While Pelosi still spends millions riding her private jet on taxpayer money?
4. Provoke Election CRISIS! So they can all cry out “Election Fraud!!”
5. Take power. He has done these 5 times in other countries! Now his focus in the US.
One of his organizations is OSI, Open Society Institute gives tons of money to unions and other places under this “umbrella” of organizations. Who heads up? Remember the Weather Underground in the 60’s? It was under the cover of humanitarian aid…ie a shadow convention.(A. Huffington).He gave $100 million to Campaign Finance Reform, “Media Matters”, and to Communist Rev. Jim Wallace, a “Socialist Progressive..who infiltrates churches, ok? Beware of another umbrella,
the TIDES FOUNDATION! Churches BEWARE!!! And pass around!

They want to control the airwaves, so the “masses” do not know the truth, such as I am passing on from Glenn Beck. NPR (National Public Radio) is now hiring new journalists, who are Socialists declaring war on Fox. They are out to destroy Fox.
Another million has gone to “Teaparty Tracker”, Tides Foundation, Apollo Alliance, Van Jones and Andy Sterns, Center for American Progress, IPS Institute for Political Science, SEIU, (like the Czech Republic?) and of course, lets not forget
ACORN, the Sos group in elections that elected Al Frankin’s group. One of goals is that illegals (Obama’s election) find a crooked way to vote without having to show legal papers. They want to take power! OSI donated to the Raucus Society. you think all these riots just happened? No, no…they are organized, as I’ll bet in England and Greece!! Soros’ money!Then you have the Sojourners…All
groups out of the pocket of George Soros, with massive inflation which is the next goal, such as the riots in Greece and the UK. He is playing GOD! He creates all this chaos in other countries to collapse them like he did in Czechoslovakia and Croatia. He wants to collapse America!

Anyone that does not understand what is going on has his head in the sand! Even Clint Eastwood spoke up. Van Jones (on Youtube)in speech, tried and true technique to crush those at the top, like Bush, and push those like Obama. Thats what he meant, “Topdown”. The protests are designed carefully to provoke riots, strife, and the people in these countries, never saw it coming. That is what their Revolutions do. Why didn’t Holder prosecute the Black Panthers, with that election fraud? Standing their with billie clubs, intimidating White voters? They are all part of the movement, and one of his own. Those at the top in league with those who riot, get it? Jones, “Outside, Inside”. And the next goal is to have Obama bi-pass Congress and pass Executive Orders for their regime changes, and fast as he may only have 2 years! All this is being orchestrated from the ground. Go on line to the 912 Project and see the truth!

We the People!! This is our country. My ancestor fought in the Revolutionary War. They love the subversive activities and Soros loves the “game”. “Topdown, bottomup”, Van Jones strategy. We are Americans not a Czech Republic or a third world country. You see, look at what Obama came out of. His father was a Kenyan then his mother remarried and he lived in Indonesia. WHEN? Remember the movie
“The Year of Living Dangerously” in 1988 I think with a young Mel Gibson, and Secourney Weaver, and Linda Harris who played the photographer Billie. All filmed in Jarkarta where the President was. It was during the overthrow of the government. That poor country, with people still starving. Obama thinks all of us White people like what the UK did in So Africa, India, etc. Soros though has to hide behind a “mask”. It’s a front! He wants Totalitarianism, “Open Society Foundation” gave 50 million. THESE are the Communist professors in our colleges now teaching our kids. The first thing we need to know is to be AWARE and defeat Ogama in 2012! Soros has been to the White House 4 times…WHY? Franks, Pelosi, now partying, after defeat, lie to the public so much I think they believe their own lies. All a part of Soros and Van Jones philosophy. They all have books out, professing exactly what is here. No secret, except to the masses. Fannie and Freddie now have 2 times more foreclosed homes than 2 years ago. We need as Glenn said, Faith , Hope, Charity and our integrity back as a n ation under God, not a dictator like the countries Soros collapsed! WE need to be vigilent. We need to understand all this. READ!

Books: George Washington, Social Fire by Peter Lillback, , Sign it!!Amazing Grace, by Francis Shaeffer, R.J. Petrillo, American Progressives, on Marxism, Revolution, Progressive Evolution,on Woodrow Wilson, Conservative Socialists , by Burton Folsum Jr. and Larry Schweikart, the Federalist Papers (Conflict of visions) by Jonah Goldburg – all just a few.

Background: ” The Progressive Era took its name from the Progressive Party of 1912-1924 and from the general feeling both at the time and in subsequent histories that the early years of the twentieth century were focused on a coherent body of democratic reforms that changed important aspects of the American political system. It started with Woodrow Wilson, later FDR whose reforms and those of the “New Deal Era in a presumptive march towards “moderate” welfare state. (Now out of control). Attention shifted to the national level with the inauguration of Theodore Roosevelt as president in 1901. He was sympathetic to early efforts at “muckraking” journalism. Now it got Soros money trying to war with Foxnews, and the conservative airwaves as well as Christians. All is right and Politically correct, except Christianity. Obama will never speak out against a fellow Muslim, which he is, under the guise of being a Christian, to fit in. His books say different. His ideologies say differently.

With the outbreak of WWI in 1914, we began a slow but inexorable shift from domestic to international preoccupations. America went into war in 1917, Wilson believing to be Progressive…and world peace. Believe it or not, most early progressives, were white American Christians. Believing in the sin nature and repentance. The Progressive Party of 1912-1924 was in fact founded in Chicago in August 1912 by “Republican party dissenters who favored the nomination of the former President Theodore Roosevelt over the incumbent William Howard Taft. By 1911, insurgents had formed the national Progressive Republican League. By 1948, the national political party was established in July 1948 to support the presidential candidacy of the New Deal liberal Henry A. Wallace. The progressive party was dominated by the middle and upper classes, and organizations such as the Americans for Democratic Action, and liberals of the Progressive party, who accepted communists in their ranks and leadership. (The new deal)..FDR and Truman. The Progressives then, never in serious contention, garnered less than 3% of the popular vote as Truman narrowly defeated the Republican Thomas E. Dewey. In 1950, the Progressives lost the little credibility they still retained when Wallace broke with the party over its opposition to American involvement in the Korean War.
Read Norman D. Markowitz, “The Rise and Fall of the People’s Century: Henry A. Wallace and Amearican Liberalism, Mark Kleinman, A World of Hope, a World of Fear. * Taken excerpts from The Oxford Companion to United States History.

Now, a lot has changed and the Progressives have become the majority of the Democratic party, with those self professing Socialists as Maxine Waters, etc. Then when we want her illegal activities with her banker husband investigated, the left, with Soros money, always cry wolf…or “racist”. Its always about something to lie and shift blame and they have all these groups now and George Soros’s money. We need to watch our news, be vigilant, read, and know what is going on, and listen. Be suspicious, and most of all get our country back, at the voting booth. Soros can buy elections, and topple countries. Yes, this is a warning.
Do we want to become a Communist country like Russia, who now has arrested, and even beaten journalists that are not free to tell the truth, like the old KGB. THAT is what Soros wants to do here, invoke censorship ..our freedom. Chavez too, does the same thing. We can’t ignore all this. God is still in charge and this is still a nation UNDER God, even though the Anesthetists want to destroy all that America is about. I beg you to pass this link around. To print, pass on, educate those that are staunch democrats and for the “party” for the party has changed with corruption and Communist influence. In HIM do I trust.


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