The Failure of Mental Health & this Shooting

BJ's angelIt is with deep sorrow for all these victims of another shooting, that I respond to this.  The mental health system in America, as I heard someone say is broken.   I thank my Lord that I have Him to lean on as a born again Christian.   Dr. Ablow said he was obviously paranoid, which does not just happen with schizophrenia.  What about this young man’s parents?  What about HIS family?  Anything?

I  could have been the parent of a shooter like this.  But, unlike many parents, some of which I know now, that are doing nothing with a mentally ill young adult, I fought to get my youngest son help, to no avail.  My son, at 19 (my BJ) committed suicide by blowing himself up with 6 sticks of stolen dynamite, in 1999.  He was diagnosed affective bi-polar disorder in 1998 at 18.   At 18 you are legally an adult and out of the system.   HOWEVER, what I didn’t know until afterwards, after winning a wrongful death/negligence in 2003, was that I could have gotten an Administrative clause to take away his adult legal standing and got him committed, by going to Probate Court, which handles adoptions, commitments, etc.  I begged for help, called, nagged,
faxed, and because he was legally an adult, my hands were tied.
Police too, do not understand or no how to respond to mental illnesses.

I wrote a booklet, “His Soul to Keep” on links here in PDF.    For my son too, was paranoid….his thoughts too, were dis-jointed…he ranted, thought he was being followed.  (but he did not hear voices.) His father too was bi-polar AND an alcoholic, as my son would have been.  Psychiatrists, say it is a form of “self-medication”  trying to level out the mood swings. (Horrendous above normal manic highs to below normal depressions and cutting themselves to
suicide ideation which my son had from the time he was 15.

Had I known Keith Ablow had an office in MA back in 1999…my son would have been there in a heartbeat.   You all need to look
at these illnesses, which do not come about (why the personality
change) until between ages 18 to 22 or 24.  That’s for both bi-polar and schizophrenia.  Dr. Ivan Goldberg on Depression
Central, who is in NYC and the top mood swing psychiatrist in the US…helped me and emailed me..I sent him my first book…on what I went through in the juvi system.  It reeked!  No one listened.

I get so frustrated and angry.  I have a friend.  He is undiagnosed bi-polar AND an alcoholic.  Now, so is his 26 year old daughter.
He and his wife are idiots.  This girl is brilliant..but, insane.  She
just got kicked out of Miami Un.  SAME  as this young man…Jared, sending harrassing texts that were threatening…They have to hide all the knives (so did I).  She steals her father’s car…drives all over..Stole his Social sec., his credit card in NH…But, they won’t apply to Probate Court and get her locked up and diagnosed.  She cut herself…she threatens, hit her father…They do nothing..And no good will come of it.  Her behavior is not normal…She needs mental health help and a  diagnosis.  But, unlike me, who would have done anything to help my own son, these people do nothing…And obviously, neither did this young  Jared’s parents.   WHO I would like to hear more about.

A young couple at my church approached me last week too, her close girlfriend, has a son 18 that was hospitalized with a suicide
attempt.  The first thing I said, “have her go to probate court and get
him in a mental hospital for a full workup.”  (What I didn’t know in 99)
Seems this boys father was schizophrenic and the disease which is
genetic,( as bi-polars are chromosome 18 from the father) has passed to him.   Like my son, like my friend’s daughter, like this Jared in Az, they are a danger to themselves and others.  I hope this young boy gets help as his mother clearly wants to do the right thing, while my other friends, buy their daughter hard liquor, rather than go to Probate.  They do not know what lies ahead.

The psychiatrists that work with the juvi system and courts are the WORST!!! They say what the prosecutor wants.   Not a real diagnosis, but usually the aim is to derail the parents.  It is a lousy system in the US.   The only place that helped my son, was a residential treatment center; and that’s when I got his diagnosis from the psychiatrist on staff, when he got
let go for failure to make the independent living program after 16 months.  At 18…then legally an adult…and back on me.  That was 1999.  I have 3 older living children….and now almost 72.  I blog as a Christian to hopefully help others.   I hope you read all this, sincerely, and can help your audience understand.  If you go on Ivan Goldberg’s site… ( Look up famous bi-polars, you’d be surprised.   I hope you push for better mental health.  But, it cost money.  So guns will be the obvious target over and over and over.  The juvi laws do not change and remain seald even with a teen that is deemed a danger to himself and others.  Nothing changes.  So they point their finger at gun owners, when that isn’t the culprit,  as they would just find another way.  These kids can get the Anarchist Cookbook on line and make what they want.  My son did.  And I have not been silent over this, through the years.  He did not get the help and follow up as he needed and my hands were tied when he was legally an adult.

For Christians who read this, and believe these illnesses are all of the devil, I know better.  First, my son was saved, 8/2/90.  Second, God created him and Eric at Columbine, and all of us, in HIS image…and knew EVERY hair on his head, and inside his brain, chemical imbalance, bi-polar and all!  PERIOD!  It is  chromosome 18 from the father, as Alzheimer’s  is Chromosome 19.  One day soon they will be able to surgically correct the brain and cure these illnesses.   But, until then, the culprit will always be tougher gun laws, because our leaders do not want to address mental health issues.   WHAT is it going to take?   So as far as I’m concerned, we can just mourn these losses, but the true issues, never even get discussed and to me, who lost her handsome son, this is a travesty.

I hope you read our story.   God bless you….and my prayers for healing across this land.


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