Healing Our Land


Lord this election is over.  While many of us that are conservative Christians, may not have approved of the outcome, we do know that it was somehow your will.   We may not understand why you let this happen, in its entirety, but, we know that unless you approved, it couldn’t happen.

Therefore the next question would be, look deep into our souls Lord, and see if their be any wicked way in us.  Lord, the whole fabric of our society has been rotting in stench and decay for many, many years.   There doesn’t seem to be anything sacred anymore, with so much disrespect, violence and immorality  on television, in movies, and even in our Congress with scandals.   Through our disappointments, trials, adversities, we humbly ask that YOU would help us Lord, for we have lost our way.  We have lost our way in the churches, that are only man centered, and not even Holy anymore,   some that call themselves churches under the guise religion that are cults, and others harboring pedophiles.  Our children are not safe, and the family is in crisis, as we knew it.  Our Government has robbed us of our dignity, taking away family life and values, yet they do not see the harm done.  We have blinders on, Lord, and need the social issues to go back to the family, not the Government.  However, before that can take place, youth has to be taught in churches that still has some semblance of Holyness to step up to the plate.  A lot of todays youth, and 20’s something, on up, came from divorced parents with a lot of  baggage.  I  pleade guilty to that as well, for we have all in some way contributed to the dysfunctional family.   The Government is not going to teach young people how to be good wives and husbands, and parents, for that can only come from the churches.

The only way those in poverty can really be helped is again, through the churches.  These people need to have a sense of themselves as human beings, with goals and tenacity, and that is never going to happen through the government, but, only through the Holy Spirit of God.   They need to be trained for jobs.  I saw on the news about all these manufacturing jobs that are available, yet they can find no help to fill, because the skills in math, computers, etc, are lacking and these companies cannot find applicants.  Education in America is suffering, and schools are failing.  We have many good teachers, but the unions interfere or Government does, in how teachers can promote the need for excellance.   Good apptitude with students, can only be acheived with good apptitude of  teachers who care and have the ability to ignite a fire for their students to succeed in life.  So Lord, we leave this to you, that maybe, just maybe there is a role that churches could fill in this regard.

Heal hatreds, God and prejudice across this land of ours, and intervene and show your truths in all  things.  For if we truly have you Lord in our hearts, we are all equal and hate is replaced by love and brotherhood in you Jesus. Intervene and destroy the strongholds of abortion;  that the truths be known to these women who fight so hard for free choice, yet neglect the choice of the child who is murdered without a voice.  Heal our land God of  Anti-semitism that is on the rise again, and show the Jews and Israel how much we as Christians, love them.

I pray Lord for this President embarking on a second term.  I pray for those, like me, that did not vote for him, that we rely totally on you Lord.  Help us to understand and come to terms with this outcome, and help us too, God  see your will in this, so we can regroup and plan the next election….only this time with YOUR will for America, not man’s manipulations.   God, I ask that you send a mighty move of the Holy Spirit on this President, in all things. Convict him Lord, of YOUR existance, your love, your forgiveness, but, also your wrath, consequences, and judgements which are to come.   Show him Lord somehow, if even supernaturally, your salvation message.  John 3:3 “Unless a man be saved he will not enter the Kingdom of God.”

Lord God, I am thankful to be a citizen of the United States, of America.  Although my residency is here, my true citizenship is in Heaven,  where one day I’ll have your loving arms embrace me and welcome me.  Thank you for my salvation Lord, God, and my son’s that I lost, as I could never thank you enough for saving his soul.   This President is going to face challanges these next years, and opposition as well, and I ask you to intervene with his decision making and show him, what is best for America.  Show him Lord a DIFFERENT ideology of America, Lord, that of true Christianity as our Forefathers fought for to free us.  He does not understand our Constitution, nor our Founding Fathers.  Speak to my President Holy Spirit, and convict him of the errors of his ways.  Let him through your Holy Spirit have a yearning to read our history, that he might understand the truths in America’s structure and beginning.

Revive us, O Lord!  Send your renewing Holy Ghost power on us Christians in this country, that we may begin again.  Send a call of Repentance across our land, that we might once more have a Great Awakening as we did when our nation was new during the Revolutionary War.  (John Whitehead).  Lord too, I’m sorry for my part in any wrongs, or sins and ask that you forgive me and beg other Christians across America to ask it of you too.  We are as Christians to be that light;  we are to have others drawn to us as a lighthouse does.  We are to set an example, and many times we do not.  Help us Lord individually and as a country, see our flaws, and heal our land, so that the joyous uprising of unity and spiritual revival fills every street in America and the White House and Congress.  Let your Holy Spirit Lord envelope us in America, taking away all our sins, and replace with your joy, for we want revival.   For you Mr. President I’m sorry too, and ask your forgiveness, as you brought fear in many of us with your ideolgies, that were not only not of God, but this nation.  I ask that God has you look deep in your soul, and that God heals you of your fatherless life as a child, as I have my own sons (one I lost).  I ask this all in your name Father God, and pray, leaving this at the CROSS with the Blood you shed in Calvery.


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