Betrayal of a Nation


This weeks horrific expose’ of the 4 MURDERS in Benghazi has been swept under the rug by most of the main line media.  They want the lies to continue to be covered up, before this election.   It will not be!  The blood of all those murdered in Benghazi, the Bible says, cries out from the grave….for justice!

At my age, I have now gone through 14 Presidents, and never have I seen such a brutal, frank, twisting of truths, and abominations against our Constitution as with this President.   Even President Richard Nixon, and Watergate, never had included the killings like this.  Between Benghazi and Fast and Furious, it is clear that this Administration, only cares about their own selfish image, enough to lie and cover up worse than Richard Millhouse Nixon ever did.

Power.  Power is what sustains the lies and deceit to the American public.  I can only pray that Congressional investigations will be rampant and swift, and that in SPITE of the lies of AG Holder, as well, a LEGAL path towards truth will prevail and stream across the media, including truths from the left and Chris Mathews.   Then I ask myself…How does Obama, answer his own daughters questions?   Certainly they must ask.   Because one lie, leads go a bigger lie, until you almost believe it yourself.   For we the American people have been duped!  These emails BEGGING for help to EVERYONE…State Dept., military, you name it, prove the lies, and it is without a doubt the most disgraceful non-action I ever remember in this nation.   God, send us your truths.  To all those digging for more truths, protect them Lord, and any whistleblower that has the courage to come forward.   God, you ARE the truth…and the truths shall set us free!  In your name, Jesus I cry out to you to stir up and cause confusion in any more lies, and let the truth reign, and those responsible be punished.   For this is an abomination.   Thank you Lord for your presence in this whole situation.


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