The Coming Judgement

I just came across this video teaching this morning. This is something I’ve been saying for so long now….that America has brought on judgement from God. This is a must-see video, for the words given this young man of God is a warning. For Judgement begins in the house of God, after all. We have much coming to face, for we have mocked God, become like Sodom & Gomorah, and now let an enemy invade America to even having Arabic printed on Medicaid/food stamp applications in Michigan. We have turned our back on everything Holy even in the churches, who only want happy/clappy as John Hagee calls it. But God will not be mocked….I pray with all my heart, after watching this in tears, that everyone who clicks on to this video and calls themselves a Christian, fervently watch. This young preacher Brian Long is right on…it is a warning!!

Also click this link:


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