From a Christian Nation to Obscurity & Deception

The contents of this blog was painstakingly transcribed from a documentary expose’ including interviews with various authors.  The link to this is at the end.  Included too, interjected throughout, is a Christian reference to Bible prophesy.

First, let’s talk about the Bilderberg Group which was started by an ex-Nazi, Prince Bernard of Holland. (ie. New World Order.)  An investigative journalist states that this group and it’s going’s on in the US, is against our Constitution and the laws when discussing US policy.  Past leaders of America, such as Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger,  President George W. Bush, President William Clinton, as well as members of the Federal Reserve, such as Alan Greenspan, Bernache, and now Geitner, and including George Soros, have all joined European leaders in secret meetings for decades, with their political agenda, of a New World Order.  This includes their agenda, for a One World Bank, to be located in America.  This is against the Republic of the United States, and our Constitution, which THEY want to push a serving President to eliminate.  Then too, you have also David Rockefeller Group, Carter and all members (some the same as above) in the Tri-Lateral Commission, in which their progressive agenda, is legally a criminal act under Federal Law, to discuss “any” US policy to officials from other countries, and withholding from our own Congress.  For all these nations sit behind closed doors.  Obama, a Black man who is a self-professed Communist, in his own book, has been given a pass by the blue–bloods.

In 1964, Presidential candidate, Barry Goldwater said “the Trilateral Commission is a vehicle to intentionally by multi –national interests, to seize control of the Government of  the United States.  Its aim to the consolidation of national interests; the 4 centers of powers, political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical.  To create this world power that takes the Bilderberg group to round tables around the world.  The “North American Union”, ruled since FDR.  This is not ruled by Generals, or demigods, or priests, but by bankers..(Royal Institute for Foreign Affairs).  Bankers who set up institutions, even before WWI.  Upon Obama’s election, members of the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, CFR (Federal Reserve Commission, which is not a part of our Government) flooded into every position of power in the Excutive Branch of his Presidency.  We go from Clinton, to Bush, to Obama, but what stays the same is the “Ruling Class” behind the scenes in the Banking Commission and the Bilderbergs, which makes our Presidents seem like “puppets”.  To act out their fantasies on World domination, their banks (World) structure is to collapse our country and others for world domination.  They have in essence hi-jacked our country, and many others..(Remember George Soros and his stock market manipulation was known as “The man who broke the bank of England”, and about 5 other countries as well. What we need to do, as a Government under the Constitution, is re-enact our previous laws, Class Siegel Act , or better it, and take it back from these bankers, Wall St,  and elitists from around the world.

This isn’t about rich vs poor,  per George Humphrey, author, economist. This is about a small handful of billionaire elite of the worst criminal element of this planet.  Who did Obama put in too? Larry Summers, who helped dismantle the Class Siegel Act to begin with…now we need it implemented once more!  That Act was put in place in the 1930’s, so that banks couldn’t become the gangsters that they’ve become.   Thanks to Greenspan, we had derivatives bubble; Greenspan, Rubin, Summers.  It is the CENTERPIECE for troubles today. (Geitner was part of the Summers Group, before going into the Federal Reserve owed millions in taxes, himself.)  Now he heads the Federal Reserve, the one who was once the President of the Treasury Dept, didn’t pay taxes, and now is in with the world elite?  And that isn’t illegal?  Every one of his appointments are with the intent to work together to bring down the Constitution and this country.   And Hillary, Susan Rice both too, are members of the Trilateral Commission.  (Bill also in the Bilderbergs, as well as National Security Advisor, General James L. Jones, Council on Foreign Relations, & Trilateral Comm, Dept. National Security Advisor Thomas Donilon, is in the CFR, as well as being a “Special State Dept. Envoy.)

A whole group from Volcker, Blair, Gates, Steinberg, Haass, Greenspan, Holbroke, are in so many of these agencies, and the Bilderberg…Which means Obama was groomed by the global elite to carry out their agenda for World power.  How can all these screaming fans and followers of Bush or Obama be so gullible?  He is a bogas hoax following hi-tech mob psychology.  Bush was vilified, but he let the elites’ lies of people more powerful in the world control him and his decisions, ie the bailouts, and first increase of debt in his 2nd term.  Obama kept Gates on…and others as IMF advisors, while the war in Afghanistan doubled.  Bush never got as far as Obama and whether he would have is up in the air.  Obama did a 180 as soon as he won the election in 2008, and filled the White House with lobbyists, donors, and his Communists contributors.  He also picked William Lynn top Executive of Raytheon, as the position for the Dept. of Defense. Geitner as head of the Fed Reserve ties to Saudi Arabia & its Mid East Envoy to George Mitchell. Leon Panetta to head CIA (from Clinton’s pres.) Tom Daschle as top lobbyist to run Dept of  Health & Human Svs., as well as Sebilious.

With only weeks into his office, Obama, complained about Wall St., yet gave the bankers bailout, when his own chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, (another Wall St Executive), had engineered.  So all the major banks and exec’s were exempt, from capping pays…(Class Siegel Act).THIS was his biggest lie ever.  The press reported that 5 Billion dollars “DISAPPEARED” from the Treasury Dept.  (Actually it was 8.5 Billion.) Where?  Remember the Federal Reserve  is not a Part of the Government.  It is controlled clichés of bankers meeting in secret.  Most of these people have NEVER been through the formality of a Senate Hearing. Don’t you think it is time they were?  These are entirely  private organizations, which 99% of the American citizens do not even know. The factis the President has very little to do with this economy, it is all  done by the BANKERS!  Now isn’t that a shock?  It is the Reserve chairman (Geitner) that sets the policy, and agenda…a banking cartel.

Wayne Paul, (Ron’s brother) said in 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was passed.  Twenty years later, 1933 under FDR, the US was declared bankrupt.  After the Crash of ’29. So the Federal Reserve asked  us ok, what are you going to do?  Listen to this….I hope I have your attention!   Under FDR, he made a “PLEDGE ON THE DEBT AS A COLLATERAL.”  How you asked?  (ie Obamacare?) So by 1936 Social Security was Instituted.  So ALL OF US WHO WORKED AND WERE CITIZENS OF AMERICA,  A FREE SOCIETY…(Right!)..WERE MADE COLLATERALS ON ALL THE DEBT OWED.  Obama has already robbed the Medicare Trust Fund. Did you know? 6 billion? And we  are told by the Fed. Reserve the way to go, and like all good little Presidents, no matter what party, they do as they are told.  My hope is Romney, if elected will stand up to them.  (Seems these Mormons are pretty rich themselves, with a lot of powerful men as well, so it ought to be pretty interesting.  And maybe he already knows something we don’t, when he has his investments in offshore accounts.)  The more I dig, the more I think Romney will be quite a savvy President.  But what the media doesn’t get, is Romney has given an awful lot away, including his father’s inheritance to him.  What he has, he earned…and paid taxes on TWICE…first under Social Security avg. 15% and then around 20+% on his investments.  I’m thinking he’s paid at least 35 -40% that the media and Harry Reid, won’t acknowledge.

Do you realize too, says Wayne Paul, “No one EVER audited  the Federal Reserve?”Don’t you think it’s time we did?  They like the worthless UN, are here on our soil, telling our Presidents how to handle what, where, when…but never been audited? I for one as a lowly citizen whose opinions don’t mean a hill of beans, would like to know who stole what!  WHERE did this missing money go? What countries…ie New World Order, folks.  No one should be above the law…and that includes the Feds, and AG Holder as well, with all those arms in Mexico.  This is classical fascism which is in Communist Manefesto’s, then they work as brigades and transfer money offshore.  Freedom on one side, the New World Order on the right… Either we fall, or THEY  fall, with some new laws,  investigations, and accountability on Wall St and our banking systems.  The choice is letting your Congressman & Senators know how you feel, and they should get them in an  honest court of law, to stand up for what we believe.  Else like Jesus yelled in righteous anger to the money changers, “Oh ye hypocrites…”  hmmmm.. For WE THE PEOPLE…That is YOU, me..all of us.  Us, Christians too, need to be accountable to God Almighty.

Obama, Bush, Clinton, and all way back to JFK, who they couldn’t get to.  Yes, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was assassinated, was the last President who was his own man…and the Federal Reserve and Bilderbergs, couldn’t get to.  Yet, he was killed…the one before him was Dwight D. Eisenhower!  The only  2 Presidents these groups couldn’t control since before FDR.  They tried to kill President Andrew Jackson too, and what about Lincoln.  Somehow, some  of this conspiracy theories, make some sort of sense.  But, I will not go there.  I will end with this, and I have far more information, but you can see the video yourselves.  For you see even Paulson threatened us, and our Presidency.  Saidwe could no longer use this money. Banking is the problem and some Presidents were threatened that they would end up having Marshall Law.  And FEMA has already built secret camps in the US?

In 1802 President Thomas Jefferson said:   “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.  If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations, that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wakeup homeless on the continent their father’s conquered!  The issuing powershould be taken from the banks and restored TO THE PEOPLE, TO WHOM IT PROPERLY BELONGS.”   Thomas Jefferson, 1802, letter to the Sec. of Treasury Albert Gallatin.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R HA) tried in Congress to convict in hearings.  Banks are hoarding the money, buying up other banks, 98% of the people were mistakenly aginst Issa and his proposed bill.  IT IS NEEDED!  J.P Morgan,  BB&T, Bancorporation, Zions, (were all buying up other banks.)  I just Watched a documentary, since I love history, on J. Peirpont Morgan, and his early start.  It is worth watching if it ever crosses you and you have Netflix.  Watch it. You could all learn.  For Obama is not the Savior they all thought he was.  He has radically expanded our agenda, when it just can’t be done, and keep us budgeted and pay off China 16 TRILLION.  What will happen is we humans will be destroyed by greed of very powerful men.  Ie. Africa, and mass genocide.  It is all a fraud.  And it has nothing to do with the Greenhouse, and solar…it is Social Engineering  of the masses.  Ie FEMA.  He has already too through FEMA started a similar group of youth til age 65…mandatory youth movement..with secret detention centers.  EXACTLY WHAT HITLER DID WITH THE ARIAN YOUTH MOVEMENT.     And this bill? Wasn’t Obama that Signed, but George W. Bush, and the Bill was #1404.10.  Having a private army not  a Federal one, makes any President a dictator!   And all Americans under the age of 64 will be drafted!  FASCISM..

Another thing coming if he gets in a Second term, is DISARMING the American people… So long all you hunters…There goes the Second Amendment.  Then I forgot there is the Fairness Act to get rid of what we watch, read, internet, radio talk show..(bye bye Rush & Glenn).  HR 257, HR 45.  Check the bills out.  After Obama if we ever vote him Out, will be a new Savior, but, out of this I shall look to the REAL  Savior,  Jesus Christ.  For we are in right now Ezekiel 38 and 39.  And Out of all those in the New World Order, which will drop to 10, and then  watch out, for out of those “10 candlesticks in Revelations”, will come The Anti Christ..  Yet, before our Savior comes in the Rapture, and the Anti Christ ushers in the Tribulation, we still can do something on this earth to prolong what is so clear in front of our eyes.  If the American people were not keen on Rep. Issa’s bill to control Wall st, then they were not told the facts.

USE this…Copy and Paste this…EMAIL this… Post it to your Facebook…But DO something…Something before we are like 1929 standing in a breadline.  “I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me..” Philippeans 13:4.  But, before God will strengthen you, you must step out in Faith and DO  Something…If you love God with all your heart, and love America, then now  is the time to fight for her….and your children, AND your grandchildren.

God bless .


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