Religious Freedom – Is Democracy For Mid East

I am very disturbed about all this Arab uprising all over the world, over one film.   Then I heard some Arab woman tell a reporter that the “US should make a new law protecting Islam.”  Thus, it is clear they do not understand how democracy works.  America is a country that is first a Republic, and then a democracy.   Our Founding Fathers from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and so many more, were in fact extremely intelligent well read men from a very young age.  You see America is unique.  We are different from ANY other country around the world.  And our Constitution protects ALL PEOPLE for freedoms of religion and speech.

The United States has set up not just courts and judges within individual towns and cities WITHIN each state, but, then Federal Judges, all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court.  THEY in fact have the final rule, even if Congress DID pass a law to protect Islam from ridicule, they cannot  do it under our Constitution.  WHY?

Because to do so, would take AWAY the freedoms of others.  That’s right, we that are Christian too.  There is no law in America that calls itself a Christian nation was founded by Christian men, who wrote our Constitution, to protect us (Christians), or Judaism, cults, or even Satanism (which does exist here), or atheists,  agnostics.  We have different legal organizations here such as the ACLU (American Civil Liberty Union), a group of lawyers that fight for the rights of those that have NO God or belief.  They in turn are trying to take our Christian rights away, including removing Crosses from sacred cemeteries of World War II soldiers.  Christians have been fighting in the courts for so many years, and it just keeps going.  We who are Christian, have  alternative lawyers, the ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) as well as Liberty Counsel.   Then the legal arguments get finally presented to the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC to make a final decision.  All that said, just passing a law against defaming Islam, would have to include ALL OTHER RELIGIONS which is AGAINST Freedom of Speech and religion.

Here is a summary written in 1793 by Zephaniah Swift (author of America’s first law textbook.)  “Christians of different denominations ought to consider that THE LAW knows NO DISTINCTION AMONG THEM!”  (Ok? THAT includes All religions and NON-Believers including Muslims, Jews, cults, Catholics, Protestants, Satanists and other cultists, and agnostics.  ALL means just that ALL.  For you must remember we are not strictly of ONE religion as you are in your Arab countries. ) “That they are ALL ESTABLISHED UPON BROAD BASIS OF EQUAL LIBERTY, THAT THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO THINK,  SPEAK,  AND WORSHIP AS THEY PLEASE, and that no sect has power to injure and oppress another.  When they reflect that they are equally under the protection of the LAW, all will revere and love the Constitution, and feel interested in the support of the government.  NO DENOMINATION”   (RELIGION) ” can pride themselves in the enjoyment of  SUPERIOR AND EXCLUSIVE POWERS AND IMMUNITIES.”   This was the premise of the ESTABLISHMENT CLAUSE IN THE US CONSTITUTION.

The way this is written gives us in America EQUALITY, for ALL people, races, colors, religions, with respect given thereof.  The constitutional prohibition against making laws prohibiting insults, or “an establishment” of religion” forbade only the federal establishment of a national denomination.  This comes under our First Amendment rights  to free speech.  The Founders of this nation however, not only chose NOT to establish Federally any particular religion or denomination of Christianity (Catholic/Protestant), they further never intended the First Amendment to become a vehicle to promote a pluralism of other religions.  As Justice Story explained in his Commentaries:

“The real object of the First Amendment was not to countenance, much less to advance, Mahometanism, or Judaism, or infidelity, by prostrating Christianity; but to exclude all rivalry among Christian sects.”  (Which was prevalent when this was a new country.  Now, however, it is to protect ALL religions, and those who do not believe in ANY God…agnostics/atheists.) Remember too, America is NOT a colonialist country, and America fought in her own Revolutionary War in 1726 to be free from England and Imperial rule.  Free to worship as we please and set up our Government with freedom for all.  (And I’m a proud ancestor of a Major who fought in that war!)

Whereby, for those in these Muslim countries that expect us to just pass a law and condone what ONE man did?  My deepest apologies to you.  But, as they have ridiculed Jesus, and are on a quest to take away Crosses on graves, which will not succeed, anymore than giving Muslims more priority of respect than we that are Christian, Jew, or atheists.  WE in America under the laws of the land are to be all treated equal.  What we pass in laws for you? Would have to be for us that are Christian, the Jews, and so on.  Here, we are EQUAL.  And our Constitution and First Amendment gives even those who revile in disgusting films about Muhammad and Jesus, a right to express in art form whatever lies or truths they see fit.  You may not see it as right, since you are offended, but, somehow our laws protect all religions and peoples equally.  It works.

If you want true freedom, and democracy, it comes with a price.  Free speech  isn’t always free.  Sometimes there are insults, but while I as a Christian, get infuriated when my Jesus  is maimed, and insulted.. We would not riot, kill and burn down YOUR embassy’s here in the US.    For this is why we have a structured court system, in which decisions can be appealed to a higher court all the way to the US Supreme Court.

I’m sorry for one man’s foolishness.  But, I would like to know why Islam is so violent.   My Bible says to be offended for nothing!  I came to the Cross and to Jesus by his blood, out of grace and mercy.   Here we are, the Jew, with the lineage of Abraham & Sarah, Isaac his son, to Jacob, David, lineage to Jesus.  I only came to the God of Abraham as a gentile by the blood and salvation message Jesus gave us when he died on the Cross for the sins of mankind…ALL mankind!  Islam came from Abraham, but Hagar, Ismael, to your Muslim lineage.  Esau was part of that, and bore such hates in my Bible.  Once in 70AD you were all a peaceful peoples.    We all claim the heritage of Abraham, but, cannot get along and that is sad.  There is a movie out, in small letters “jesus of nazareth” that a Christian Filmmakers watch is trying to stop. It is just as hurtful and disgusting to me as this movie that offended you.  But, I’m still trying to write this in love, and have no hates towards you at all.  For 4,000 years since Alexander the Great, to the Crusades and on an on…Arabs have been fighting Western Civilization, and you cannot live in peace.  Therefore,  with all this destruction, murders, hate, you have lost your standing in the world to be respected.

Christian TV trying to stop a defiling movie on Jesus.. Muslims are not alone. No one passed a law protecting us, Christians either…see?

I pray for peace in the Mid East and a new dialogue and hopefully a new President that is stronger and more effective.   Stop the hates.. Hatreds accomplish nothing except more hates.  And it is like a disease that never stops.  Ask yourselves if democracy is what you really want.  Freedom of speech means that sometimes you will be insulted by others, and your religion. Here in America the media and press do it all the time.  We Christians are used to it.   But, we fight it in the courts not on the streets.  I respectfully hope and pray you work to give your countries, in Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, etc., a chance for equality, and your leaders learn how pass laws, good laws, helpful laws,  a free society.   If it isn’t free on religion as well?  Then it isn’t free.  My prayers are with you, and I ask all my Christian friends to read this as well and pray for world peace.  Blessings.

Prince Turki al Faisal Saudi Arabia interview with Charlie Rose 9/19/12

Framework of American laws from our Founding Fathers and our Freedom from the Imperialist rule of England in 1776 after the Revolutionary War.

The Constitution of the United States of America

The Declaration of Independence

Palestinian -Israli history:



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