Remembering 1939 NY World’s Fair

The 1939 NY World’s Fair and Remembering America and What it once Stood for.

Found the FaceBook site to the original website I’d bookmarked. I just posted my Dad’s photo at the 1939 NY Worlds Fair.  You know this was a big big deal back then. All the inventors, innovators, visionaries that made America were during this time after the great depression. And now? All our jobs and companies and those innovators are now overseas. Nothing in America now, stands for it as it did back then. Think about it, as this too, was an era before WWI & II broke out in Europe and when we got bombed at Pearl Harbor. 9/11 should have been declared a war. We need our capitalistic country back, and made in America /bought in America back! We need to be not as a Communist/Socialistic country as Obama and the Progressives want, but, back to raising up in schools, more engineers, mathematicians, scientists, and be independent and bring that pipeline for oil down from Canada, and drill our own. Being dependent on no one!

America led the world…We don’t anymore, for we have a President that’s an apologetic. How my mother and father would be disgusted. My father who worked his way through college. WORKED. His father dying in 1918 of the flue epidemic, his mother having to work in the textile mills, a single mother of 3, as my mother’s father. There was no Social Security then…just hard work and frugality. But, they worked, and came over from Germany too, in 1903, LEGALLY! Through Ellis Island and immigration as it is SUPPOSED to be. We need to clean up America, and throw out the crooks in Washington that illegally because they are privy, became rich on the stock market with inside trading. New Laws…and throw them all out! Time for a REAL change! Kids today are so spoiled, and have so much technology, they don’t know the meaning of work, and just want a handout like all these Commie countries that are collapsing. But, Spain now, in its new election, smartened up, and went conservative once more as Germany had. Let’s see what the US can do in 2012.

Once, when Reagan said “Tear down this wall”, America meant something in the world and was looked up to. And now, cutting the defense as Obama wants to do? Will put
600,000 MORE people in the USA out of work. Think who makes uniforms, guns, drones, ships, helicopters, all those who make things for our soldiers, would be out of work. THAT is what cutting the defense means, while we would be as a country sitting as a target at risk, for the Caliphate so the Arabs can take over all of Western civilization. Change…We would be sitting ducks, a disaster waiting to happen, thanks to Obama. So remember, our innovators, 1939, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, So Korea, and all our veterans, and those that fought, and our wounded warriors, Pearl Harbor, and most of all, 9/11. Let us start standing as Americans once more, the greatest nation on earth, to lead, help, and stand for democracy. Just my word….But I love my America and what it once stood for.

My Dad, who I was so proud of,  also brought the first television to my state of New Hampshire.  Here was my photo young in a writeup in the Manchester Union Leader in 1948.




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