At church and home, I talk to my cousins and many seniors who are diagnosed with “depression”, although only by their family doctor or internal medical provider, and now Senior care providers, which I believe just tranquilizes and dopes seniors up, without a proper diagnosis. So, I’m writing this since my life is an open book, on here. Maybe it will help someone.

I’m a Christian. I love my Jesus, and I love my country. But, there are sometimes in our lives, when those who are depressed, and I mean in a depression, really need professional treatment. Even Billie Graham’s counseling handbook said as much. If you have depressions, or signs of a mental illness, seek “professional” help.  One that is a good psychiatrist/psychologist, who is able to diagnose. A psychiatrist though is the only one that can prescribe meds; a psychiatrist cannot. For I know only too well, what I went through with my youngest bi-polar son, his father, who had severe panic attacks, with bi-polar, and me, who suffered your at the hands of an abusive 2nd husband. Now at 72, I have my answers. Maybe I can help someone else make heads or tails out of their life.

Psychiatrist, Dr. Ivan Goldberg, in NYC’s site who helped me with my son, unfortunately, and locally, no one here did a thing! I even sent him my first book, as he was interested in all we went through to get a diagnosis and the baloney with the Juvi court system in NH which is a farce!

This is the best psychiatric link out there, with links to all over.
My son was bi-polar and also diagnosed dysthymic disorder. For that matter so was I dysthymic in the 70’s..A short 3 year depression usually for those in the 20’s or 30’s. I was also diagnosed then with Anxiety Disorder, stemming from Post traumatic stress, from Battered Women’s Syndrome.

There are “seasonal” disorders now, this time of year also, called “Seasonal Affective Disorder” when the days shorten and we have less light and sun. Although I know of another who can’t stand the light, and get depressed in the heat of summer. Only a qualified psychiatrist (not a family care practitioner) is QUALIFIED TO DIAGNOSE…OR PRESCRIBE ANTI-DEPRESSANTS.) ALL depressions have names! A family practitioner or internal medicine physician is NOT QUALIFIED to prescribe or to diagnose. And this here woman wishes some laws would change as they OVER -prescribe to seniors who they have no right to under laws. And these Anti-depressants, can have a huge effect with other medicines you are taking.

Dysthymic Disorder:
Elderly depressions and heart:
Anxiety Disorder:
Anxiety Disorder for me was caused (by violence of my ex-husband in my 20’s, and now by the 2 children of his Greek family. A daughter 49 who is ALWAYS stressed, and is borderline abusive as well, and controlling). The worry or anxiety is related with at least three of the symptoms listed here:

1. You are jumpy or nervous (around holidays never knowing what to expect of this daughter). I say I feel like a yoyo.
2. You feel exhausted and have no energy (holidays only)
3. You are overly forgetful or cannot focus (me? no)
4.You are easily angered by situations or people (only this one daughter as the son has no contact.
5. You are unable to relax (On edge Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas.)

You are unable to fall or stay asleep, or you are experiencing a poor quality of sleep . Up ALL night…last night after the drama queen was over in a huff, and left in a huff. I didn’t go to sleep until 5:30 am, which is not good for my heart after a mini stroke either.

For me? This has nothing to do with my childhood, but my abusive 2nd marriage in my 20’s. My Dad was emotional, but,I had a wonderful childhood. It was in this marriage, when I got beaten repeatedly or a coffee table went through a window. When I had to deal with a 3rd husband at 39, who was bi-polar? I REALLY was into Anxiety as he couldn’t handle anything…and eventually deserted. But I had HIS son too at 40, who was to be bi-polar,too. Until his suicide in 1999, I was an anxiety ridden wreck, then having a mini stroke after his funeral. Whereby, I need to be separated in my elder years from my Greek daughter, and eliminate all stress in my life… (which I do and am far happier when I don’t have contact.) My daughter in VA is calm, (from my 1st marriage) and does not have that affect, and I have to remember not to get her in the middle of my daughter’s triggers, and it’s affect on me. You, too, may have family members that upset you a lot, on top of real medical problems, and sometimes you may feel that your at the end of your rope. You are not.

We have Jesus Christ, our Savior and our healer. There is also qualified psychiatric of psychological help out there, which “sometimes” Christian counselors do not have a clue to, especially mental illnesses and depressive illnesses. Get help. Get help in the supernatural, and get help in the natural. Sometimes, we get so self-consumed we fail to see what the causes are. Sometimes there is a logical problem that can be fixed medically too. We need to have the Lord give us discernment. We cannot fix another person, we can only fix ourselves.

Father God, I come before you now, and ask for prayer for all of us who have some kind of depressive problem, maybe some who have never been diagnosed with a disorder. Jesus, I ask that you help us all to recognize what is wrong and seek help if needed. For I know when I traveled this road of a depressive illness and help with my son, many Christians did not understand. For you Lord, also work with the hands of physicians as well, and have the power to guide them for the good of our lives. Sometimes too, as with my son, it is not of the devil. For the devil cannot create one thing, only destroy. Those with mental illnesses, such as bi-polar, schizophrenia, even ADHD, and Alzheimer’s are all chemical imbalances of the brain. Bi-polar I know is chromosome 18 from the father, and Alzheimer’s is chromosome 19. That being true, then God, YOU created us with these infallibility’s, since Satan cannot create. Thereby, I plead with you Lord to help those in need, recognize their problems and seek prayer and help. Thank you Lord Jesus, and please put your healing touch on all those that are suffering now. Amen

I have my PDF booklets on this site for Abuse, Bi-polar, etc. I know so many who are suffering in silence. I pray God’s hands are on each and every one hurting.  Our Lord loves you, and so do I.


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