Hiding The Stain

Lord, you put this on my heart,  and  I do not intentionally, criticize your sheep.  While reiterating YOUR truths and word, that I do not Dear Jesus, as I begin what you put  on my heart, I humbly ask that you lead me, and I not offend or hurt any reader here.  For I just heard this preached by a preacher too,  on TBN, whose name I didn’t even get, nor had I heard him before, but having been saved for 30 years now, I’ve seen a lot.  I’ve seen the good and the bad, the Holiness of You Lord, and the fake alike.  I’ve seen evangelists come to us locally, some so filled with the Holy Spirit, and others fake, where you knew in your heart, it was not of God.  I’ve seen many Christians that have come out of sin, totally transformed, and delivered.  I’ve seen others that seemed to come in the “backdoor” put on a front,  go home and back to the world and their sin.   I’ve seen others that I thought were such good Christians, go totally against God’s word, and end up in evil.  For the devil is all around us, tempting, luring us, and beckoning.

I have heard so many many false doctrines preached by those in the media professing to be Christians, all purporting truths, when in fact they lie.  One is Jesus was not a Black man He was a Jew, was called Rabbi in the Tabernacle where he taught in Matthew and Luke.  Isaiah 30:21 “For through the voice of the LORD, shall the Assyrian be beaten down, which smote with a rod.,” (The “Assyrian” refers to the Sennacherib, as well as to the coming Antichrist.  The “glorious voice” of the Messiah was not “heard” when the first came, however, it will very well now be heard..)  If it (your act or thinking) does not alien with God’s word it is wrong.  Sometimes even evil in God’s eyes.  Let me explain if I can.

I have known and have seen pastors, evangelists, over TV and locally in my 30 year Christian walk.  Joyce Myers well known to all, was sexually molested as a child, but God delivered her out of it all, and all of the pain, and hurt, to bestow on her a miraculous huge ministry, reaching millions.   But, Joyce, didn’t hide her stain per Se’, did she?  She USED what she went through to minister to others.   I’ve known others that were hooked young on pornography, and God delivered, to raise them up as Pastors.  Known of one dear friend,  who before he got saved, was Gay, but Jesus delivered, him…to hide from whence he came out of? No, to be a powerful voice, with a ministry back 30 years ago, “Restoration”, where he actually took his life in his hands, going in Gay bars, ministering, deliverance, and the love  of Jesus.  He married…a woman, and went to Christian Bible school.  Is he STILL in his past thinking, when politics comes up, and now this evil President we have, approves Gay marriage?  NO, my friend, is blatantly against it;  God changed his thinking, in ALL areas, and that is remarkably true deliverance by our Lord Jesus Christ.  For once we are saved and delivered, we are to hate that sin, whether an alcoholic, dope addict, adulterer, or gay.  Once we come to the throne of God, our lives and direction are in Jesus hands, not our past.  The past is to be erased.  Holy Ghost deliverance is like Saul on the road to Tarsus.  When Jesus in all His Holy Ghost power and brilliance came upon  Saul, he was instantly reformed, changed…delivered from his sin.  He later became Apostle Paul.  We are a new creature in Christ.  And with that? We hate that sin we came out of, and most end up ministering on that sin, trying to prevent others from going down that murky road of destruction.

Others I have known were alcoholics, that God delivered.   I went through physical abuse in domestic violence in my 20’s, later at 40 had a child with Bi-polar who committed suicide.  I speak out on these issues and booklets of the struggles are on this site, no stone unturned, nothing hidden.  I will not hide the stain I went through as God does not want me in a secret hidden life.  WHAT we come out of…that sin, that embarrassing, pain, hurt, struggle, is to be our TESTIMONY!   The stain is not to be hidden.  I’ve seen on Pastor James & Betty Robison’s TV program, your women, who have been violent victims and prostitutes of the sex trade.  But, new now in Christ, a new person, washed white as snow by the blood HE shed for us.  They do not hide their stain, but one young woman even wrote a book, giving God all the glory, trying to help other young women and children, to be rescued from this terrible torture.   She brought life, promise, hope, and the love of Jesus to those trapped as she was. There are women, one in particular, who had not only one abortion, but two.  The pain this young woman now has yet even to mock funerals for her babies now that she is a Christian.  But, she speaks openly about the sins she committed young, in college, and now turns her energy to a local Christian Crisis Pregnancy Center.  She did not hide her stain, but in tears, and Jesus, does everything in her being, to deter others from doing this sin.   Look back at the World Challenge Ministry, and now deceased Dave Wilkerson, leading Nicki Cruz, a then gang leader in NYC, to the Lord way back when. It resulted in Nicki writing his book, that has been renowned now for generations, “The Cross and the Switchblade.”   And once saved, he ministered to other gang members.  He didn’t hide the stain.  Neither did Chuck Coleson, of Watergate fame, serving time in jail, to come out with a huge prison ministry.  GOD uses our stain for HIS glory.  The thief that hung with Jesus next to him on the Cross, was forgiven, and went with the Lord to Heaven.

The next point, is once we are saved, God changes us, creates in us a new spirit in His image, (sinless), and we are to be in “the church” of ONE Spirit.  That to me includes in our home life, our workplace, church, friends, extended family, and in the voting booth.   The church under the Holy Spirit is to have one mind, spirit, and knowledge after Christ.  For I do believe in these end times, that God is already separating the wheat from the chafe.  Jude 18-19  “How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time who should walk after their own ungodly lusts.  These be they who separate themselves sensual, having not the Spirit,”  (Refers to the last days, in fact the very time in which we now live.  Refers to charting a course which is not of God, rather after the flesh, the have forsaken the Cross, that which is not of the spirit and THOSE THAT OPERATE OUTSIDE THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST.”  That includes Christians that say, “I’m a democrat,” and won’t even consider a Godly GOP candidate, or those that insist in voting  for instance, for this President, because maybe they were Gay, and now he is backing Gay marriage. The decision is of the flesh, your old life and NOT of God..

There are some who in prison, have committed murder, but , Jesus still can save and this person will still go to Heaven, but as he is serving in the natural for his crime, so will he be judged as all of us….NAKED, standing before God, to be judged inside and out…This man can’t have a ministry, except within the walls of the prison. but he still can be used of God.  I recently looked up transgender people, and admit openly I do not understand at all, and have come to the conclusion that we don’t have the proper Christian psychologists to even address this.  But, there are people that have had this surgery, I found on line, that are so miserable, after they were saved, because they cannot undo what they did to themselves.   There is a ministry there, for the person who loves Christ, and had this, to thwart and deter a person from doing this act.  For Jesus created you in your mother’s womb, the exact sex that HE wanted you to be, regardless, as he already knew every hair on your head.  Unless there was a baby born with mutilated organs for some reason, and not born normal,  this surgery, should not even be a choice.   There is a need for this kind of ministry on line.

Back to the voting booth, we are taught now in most evangelical churches to vote the 10 Commandments, and for a Christian praying man.  George W. Bush, had so many hate him, and did not do a good job in our economy for his second term.  But, this man was a praying President and a Methodist.  And every day before any meeting, he prayed , with his cabinet, Jew, Catholic, Protestant, Black, White, whatever….but asked for God’s wisdom, continually.   Communism has no place in our leaders, especially the President of the United States!   It is not of our Lord Jesus Christ, any more than abortion, rape, murder, thieves, or of the sins written in the Bible, including homosexuality, adultery, abuse, and so on.,   These acts are abhorrent in the eyes of God, and I believe in we stay in our decision making process, of day to day life, still adhering to these lusts and sins, we may not make it to Heaven.  I don’t believe in once saved always saved.  Our actions with lack of true tearful repentance, can have a direct correlation on how God deals with us.  And deal with us, he will.   An alcoholic can not feel the spirit of the liquor he drank and the Holy Spirit.  The evil spirit pushes the Holy spirit out of the way, to have the  person act in a detrimental way.  As long as we hold on in ANY sense a part of our old sin lifestyle, ie now this whole Gay marriage thing.. God will judge us unbelievably, for what He wants more than anything, is for us to be HOLY.  We cannot be Holy with one foot stuck in a past lifestyle, that is not of God.  I Corinthians 33 God is not the author of confusion.  Confusion is of the devil.

Apostle Paul, who was Saul of Tarsus, had the most dramatic of all conversions on that road to Damascus. He fell down on that road slain in the Holy Spirit, convicted, changed, miraculously, by the power of Almighty God.  A new person, no longer Saul the son of a Pharisee, but, forever, now a Christian, (the very people he was as Saul to persecute).  Paul was so outspoken on how we are to live our Christian life, especially in Romans (the laws).  The Holy Spirit with the brightest light from Heaven just over powered that whole group he was with that triumphant day.

The other person who came to Christ so gloriously, was John Newton, a slave trader, an evil man back then, in his old life, who beat slaves too.  But when God got a-hold of Newton, he was instantly thrown down and in tears, shaking from the power of the Holy Ghost, sobbed, and out of his conversion, was a mighty transformation, when he wrote, “Amazing Grace How Sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.”  The most beautiful testimony of his salvation was written, one of many.   I look back at blind Fanny Crosby, who wrote and wrote, even blind, she would still be a witness for Jesus.  Dottie Rambo too, when Sandi Patti sang Dottie’s “We shall Behold Him”…there usually wasn’t a dry eye, for over 2500 written songs to the Glory of God, were written by Dottie.  God when HE saves us, isn’t concerned with “what” our sin was, but, what we DO WITH THAT SIN, ONCE HE SAVES US.   It is ALWAYS for a purpose…as a witness to others.  Not a stain to hide.  Is God using you mightily?  If saved, are you still hiding a stain?  Or using that stain to help talk someone else down that sin-road.  It is between you and Jesus you can do this….and if, if too painful or unfathomable, but, you cannot have one foot in church pretending to be what your really not, if you still have ties, voting, or whatever to that past lifestyle.

Jesus I pray that you hear the cries of those that are convicted or their wrong by reading this.  Cleanse them Lord from any past thoughts, lifestyle,that is not you Lord. Deliver them spiritually, mentally, and in their hearts, or Lord, for YOUR truth to be poured out in their lives, in ALL areas.

For those who struggle in areas such as being Gay, transgender, etc, I found this site, which I believe to be God’s word and truth. You see I know someone that had this surgery many many years ago. We had lost touch for decades, but I truly wish I could have provided this site before his (her) surgery. It is a mental illness, as the “Fac’s” on this site will purport. God loves all of us, no matter what. Deliver those that struggle Lord, in this I pray, amen..


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