My Cry for America

Reference a previous blog, “Should Christians be involved in politics”…Emphatically Yes!
I am a proud member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

What is wrong with America, is that she has become so secularized, and not even taught in schools, our “Godly heritage”.   I am proud of my ancestor, Major Ezekiel Worthen, Kensington, NH , who fought in the French Indian War, the King George War, the Siege at Louisburg, and the Revolutionary War.  I read, and history not just my Bible.  ” A People’s History of the American Revolution” by Ray Raphael, ” “Original Intent” by Christian David Barton…Pat Robertson’s “Courting Disaster” on the Constitution, and Judge Napolitano’s book “Constitutional Chaos”…others…our Founding Fathers… I love my God, and it was my Jesus that helped our founding Father’s.   Its called “righteous anger” as Jesus threw the money changers out…..You bet I’m upset.  And I have cried out to God all weekend.  Upset…like many of my Christians on Facebook, and friends I share emails with…..Til yesterday!  Then I watched Glenn Beck…..need I say more?

David Barton, author has wonderful material on his website is awesome and he speaks at churches.   He might differ with apathetic Christians. (Poster from his site).

Check out his writings, his store products…books (I’d like to see in our bookstore) and his posters…cd’s, etc.  I have an adopted Black Grandson, 17…I have ALL material I need now on David’s site, to give to my Jordie…to let him see the Black history TRUTH that is not taught  in schools…and posters I am sending him ….Churches need as Pastor Joe said, to teach our kids what the schools don’t and CHALLENGE them …with all the end notes in his writings. And also some of his posters and materials, can go to my DAR group..THAT is
Christian…and prays.  Unless Obama resurrects, the Fairness Doctrine again.

I am not only upset over America, but, that arrogance against Netanyahu, as I am  a staunch supporter too, of Pastor John Hagee, and Christians United for Israel.

If America stops backing Israel, God will take His hedge of protection of America. Sometimes I wonder if He already has.  ” Today the peace talks are out..(there will be no peace anyways, til Jesus comes back).  The fighting though is horrific today, and Obama, sides with the Arabs..his Muslim background.  CUFI needs all of us now.

I have been involved in politics now for over 48 years …then a democrat.. My blogs  say exactly what I stand for. But, I believe in STANDING and fighting …not apathy.   That is what I couldn’t stand at another church where I was.  No one taught Bible prophesy, no one taught like my Pastor now.    The rapture could come and go, and those at that church now, do not have a clue!…They got their Bible studies via email…and hand mail, from me…And in my small monthly Soc. Sec. I gave them books…books…books..  Fell on deaf ears.  And now?  Apathy…One of my blogs…by late Willard Cantolin, the “Apostate Church”… When I came home Sunday from church…pastor after pastor, was preaching politics…John Hagee, David Jeremiah,  Charles Stanley, Ed Young..Jim Toll…who I love.   I  am not alone.   And I get emails from Liberty and you betcha I sign whatever they send me and it goes to Washington.

If it wasn’t for my back, I would have run for the NH House a long time ago and got some of the secularists out of there.  I believe churches are not nearly involved in politics enough…In the old days when I was at Faith Christian, we were ALL involved with Pat Robertson’s “Christian Coalition”  which is still online.  We had the Christian gal that was then with our local chn 9 down there all the time.   I can’t think of her name…Cathy Burnam?..  We followed IRS laws…no one told anyone how to vote…BUT, we were ALL pro-life..And it was that uproar and push that got the whole house and senate in office when Newt  went in as Speaker.   (He blew it too).  NOW?   I pray ALL our local churches would ban together…Churches never spoke up, when Hitler came into power.  Not a one…Even the Lutheran Church in Germany.  Not a one.. History repeats itself.

Now? My fight is back.   I had a political file 5 inches thick…The letter’s back from Congress? They were given to the Historical Soc . here in NH, that I’m also involved in.  But, I will obey God, and do what He tells me.  For I know He hears my pain at what is happening in the America I love.  “If my people, who call out my name and humble themselves…THEN will I heal their land..  II Chron. 7:14 Nowhere in my Bible does God tell us to be apathetic, or shulf off, or not fight for beliefs.  That is how Obama got in in the first place.  Everyone was taken in by his smile and the charismatic personality. THAT is exactly how the world will be deceived by the Anti-Christ.  EXACTLY….They will bow to his lies and flashing smile…There needs to be discernment.  We are in a hip hop…morally corrupt, sexually permissive,  Sodem and Gomorrah society.  We need another Ronald Reagan…which won’t happen I know.  But, I can pray for that miracle, can’t I?    We need God back..The ACLJ in…the ACLU out..

See what Glenn Beck too  started? You lit a fire in me!   For THIS IS MY PASSION and always has been.  I miss my Senator Bob Smith R-NH, in Washington who the Sununu’s shafted.  The very photos of aborted babies I post? HE HELD UP on big cardboard showing partial birth abortions to the whole Senate.  He had fire!   I’d like to see Ovid Lamontagne get in as Governor ..Where is he?  (NH)  He’s like a phantom.. He needs  fire to make a difference, never mind a speech, leaving signs up and around.  In my little town we have not heard a thing from him and no signs out either.

Ephesians tells us to put on the whole Armour of God..Psalms 10 is an appeal to punish the wicked.  ( I want to see corruption out of Washington…morality and Jesus in!)  My cry…Ps 10 ” Why do You stand afar off, O Lord? Why do you hide Yourself in times of trouble? (refers to Jacobs trouble…& the great tribulation (Jer. 30:7..Expositor’s Study Bible).  “The wicked in his pride does persecute the poor (Israel – For the wicked boasts of his heart’s desire and blesses the covetous, whom the Lord abhors….”Way down in verse 12…”ARISE, O ‘Lord, O God lift up Your hand forget not the humble.  The wicked in Washington who condemns God….Vs. 17 Tells us that Armageddon is near.   Ps 12 The Righteous are delivered.  But, to be delivered, we must first cry out…in righteous anger…Petition God…  But, you see, I believe in this too…and from John Hagee’s books..”Jerusalem Countdown, and In Defense of Israel”..Ezekiel 7:11 “Violence is risen u p into a rod of wickedness: none of them shall remain nor of their multitude, nor any of theirs: neither shall there be  wailing for them “.  I believe their could be anarchy in America as with Greece if this continues in Washington ..For they are so filled with pride.  But, my Expositor’s says after, “As the wicked Nobles of Judah practiced this “rod of wickedness on the weak and the helpless, the Lord then practiced it on them!”  THAT is my prayer for God’s intervention in Washington.    12 “The time is come the day draws near…let not the buyer rejoice, nor the seller mourn…for wrath is upon all the multitude thereof”..(the idea is: it all soon came to an end…and was only the tip of the iceberg concerning the Judgment that was coming…)

But, now the lawsuits are coming…We are not done with the fight yet.. At least I’m not.  I emailed and faxed Washington and Axelrod at the White House this week.. And I emailed the photos of the aborted babies, with the comment “this Mr. President is what you’d allow your daughters to do?”…I am STANDING…I will FIGHT even in pain here, til God takes me home.  But, fight and push on I will continue to do.  For I can do at 71 as an old senior here what a pastor and a church cannot.  And God has so far always been behind me.     When HE tells me to stop…then shall I stop.  And what are they in Washington supposed to do with a 71  year old woman.  But, God is behind me.  For what I came out of? I am a miracle, and blessed.

I believe in my rights to free speech.  I believe in the Constitution…I love God..and I love America and am a patriot as Bob Smith wrote on attached letter.  Thank you Jesus…So, instead of…Pray for me..Pray that God gives me even more insight and strength, so like Paul said, I can continue the good fight.  Thank you Jesus.


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